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Our Philosophy


We strongly believe that children are powerful learners who absorb their environment and learn through playing. We implement a Two-Way or Dual-Language teaching approach to achieve one of our major educational goals, which is helping the children to acquire the ability to speak two or more languages. We base our curriculum on the major principles of Montessori teaching focusing on children’s independence, freedom within limits and respect for a child’s natural, psychological, physical, and social development.


What Parents Think

Our daughter was a student in the kindergarten program and it was just wonderful.  Her language skills improved greatly in both English and Russian.  She learned to read and write in both languages and is now an avid reader.  Her math skills also really took off; she's far ahead of her class now that she is in the public school system.  Perhaps most importantly, her time in the kindergarten program gave her the confidence she needed- she went from being shy and nervous to being confident and outgoing.  Prospect was also great in dealing with our town's bussing system; the directors always helped her off and on the bus and there were never any issues.  It's been around 8 months since she was last in the program but she still asks frequently about it, wishing she could still be there. It clearly left a lasting impression on her!

Yulia Reilly


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