Our Philosophy


We strongly believe that children are powerful learners who absorb their environment and learn through playing. We implement a Two-Way or Dual-Language teaching approach to achieve one of our major educational goals, which is helping the children to acquire the ability to speak two or more languages. We base our curriculum on the major principles of Montessori teaching focusing on children’s independence, freedom within limits and respect for a child’s natural, psychological, physical, and social development.


What Parents Think

"Amazing pre-school with amazing teachers and such great promise! While there are a couple of Russian-language Saturday and after-school programs in Westchester - this school is a FIRST to offer comprehensive full-time program in both Russian AND English. Great space, caring, knowledgeable, enthusiastic teachers - and my daughter has been now crying for a week wanting to go back to "laughing out loud" as she keeps telling me!"​

Julia Roz