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Our Philosophy


We strongly believe that children are powerful learners who absorb their environment and learn through playing. We implement a Two-Way or Dual-Language teaching approach to achieve one of our major educational goals, which is helping the children to acquire the ability to speak two or more languages. We base our curriculum on the major principles of Montessori teaching focusing on children’s independence, freedom within limits and respect for a child’s natural, psychological, physical, and social development.


What Parents Think

Stellar program! Knowledgeable, caring and accommodating teachers, huge playground, spacious playrooms drenched in natural sunlight - plenty of space for running around. Love the amount of time spent outdoors regardless of weather conditions. My favorite part about this program is that it is very hands-on. I love that kids are allowed to be kids - get dirty, play in the snow/sand/dirt and spend A LOT OF TIME outside! I am grateful to find a place where my daughter can practice her Russian, continue to learn English - all while staying active and healthy!

Yulia Simonova Tanis 


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