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Multilingual Daycare


Russian/ English Language

This is a dual Language program for children 3-6.

Our unique curriculum is based on the Montessori method enhanced with the multilingual teaching approach and is developed for native a non native Russian speakers: first part of the day (9 am- 1pm) is dedicated to Russian Language, the second part of the day (1pm 5pm)- to English.

We strongly believe that learning more than one language promotes early literacy and enriches social-emotional development.

Our teachers provide a respectful, loving care for the children as well as lay a foundation for independent learning.

We also believe that children should be surrounded by Nature and a daily outdoor playtime is an essential part of the program.


English/Spanish Language

introduction to bilingual education

This program is designed for English speakers who prefer a gradual transition to bilingual education. The goal of this program is to familiarize the children with Spanish language in an English speaking environment and prepare them for a deeper emersion into Spanish language. Under the guidance of a
bilingual teacher children will gradually learn how to speak, sing and play using both languages.

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