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Transition to pre-school

How to help your child through the adjustment period?

•Take a look back and remember all the reasons for choosing this pre-school for your little one. (Benefits of pre-school education, philosophy and curriculum, professionalism of the teachers, etc)

•Closer to the school begin have a conversation with your child and refresh the memorable moments of your previous visits ( a special toy, a friend, a teacher or a game).

•Read a picture book together which could inspire a discussion about school.

•Engage in a pretend play which involves school.

•Practice self-reliance skills with your child, such as putting on shoes, washing hands or cleaning up toys and make it a fun learning activity.

•Plan ahead and begin to adjust your child’s schedule (such as nap and meals times) to the school’s daily schedule for a smoother transition.

•Take some time off work to be with your little ones during this time.

First Day

Calmly enter the room together and reintroduce the teacher to your child, then step back and allow the teacher to start building relationship with your child. Your support and trust of the teacher will reassure your child that he or she will be happy and safe.

If your child refuses to participate and clings to you, don't get upset because it may upset the child even more. Stay calm and always say a loving goodbye to your child, but once you do it, leave right away.

Never sneak out! Leaving without saying goodbye might make your child feel abandoned and a prolonged farewell might give a sense that the school is a bad place.

A consistent and predictable parting routine will make the leaving easier. You may choose to wave goodbye, read a book or choose to do a short activity together before you leave. Think of some comfort objects your child might need in the beginning like a favorite blanket, a toy or a family picture and bring them to school.

Whether your child is eager or reluctant to start the school make sure you talk to the teacher and let her know everything that might be important to ease the adjustment.

Don't forget that teachers have many years of experience helping families to make this transition so don't run back to the rescue if your child is upset because it will only prolong his or her distress. Instead wait outside for a little while and call the school to make sure everything is ok.

Have a wonderful beginning to your school year!

Lada Tillmann

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