Summer Camp - 2019

For preschool and school-age children (3 - 9) 

 Week 1 (June 24- June 28) - Circus

Children love circus with its festive atmosphere, mystery, and uniqueness. We will offer your little ones an opportunity to immerse into the magical world of circus and let them imagine being a clown, an acrobat walking on a tight wire, or a skilled juggler and maybe even a lion tamer. 

We will be 

reading about circus 

  solve riddles and tell jokes 

learn fun poems

make costumes for circus performers 

and of course, perform!

Week 2 (July 1- July 5, there’s no camp on July 4)- Art 

Our exciting program includes a variety of art activities including sketching, painting, modeling. 

Children will learn about art by introduction to varieties of art techniques. We will be using different types of media: acrylics, watercolors, canvas, wood, stones, shells, paper, cardboard.

We also will be

exploring color, shapes, texture;

learning about famous artists and their masterpieces;

developing speaking, thinking, and social skills.   


Week 3 (July 8- July 12) - Ocean Adventure

Let's sail towards a great adventure at the Sea! Learn about Rose of the Wind, discover and explore an inhabitant island, watch out for the pirates and find the treasure. This exciting program includes:

exploring the depth of the ocean;

learning what kind of animals and fish live in the sea;

leaning about and making boats;

  singing songs about adventure and friendship;

discussing how we can save the ocean? How to recycle?

understanding a Capitan position: how to lead and be a role model for your friends.