Summer Camp - 2018

Ages 3 - 9

June 25th - June 29th Fairytale Land

Welcome to a Fairytale Land!

The program of the first week of our summer camp is going to be about Russian and German fairytales. We will read to the children famous fairytales, solve the riddles together with the main characters and impersonate favorite characters. We will also read fairytales written by writers from different parts of the World.
The main goal of this week is to develop children' language skills, improve memory, attention, thinking and artistry. The main idea is to have a lot of fun! 
Apart from every day story time activities, children will have art and crafts as well as other kinds of active games. We are also planning a Fairytale themed Treasure Hunt outdoors, as well as a King Triton Ball inspired by one of our favorite Fairytales The Little Mermaid.

July 2nd - July 6th Nature Camp

Nature Adventure camp (The World Around Us)

This Nature Adventure Camp combines creativity and the outdoors. 
During this week we would like to invite children to explore the land and environment surrounding us and to encourage children to use their creativity inspired by nature.  
Together as a group, we will take a closer look at all the interesting pieces of nature around us and let those things inspire us to make something beautiful.  Through various activities  (playground camping, treasure digging expeditions, games,  sientific experiments)  children will be motivated to explore and create with nature! And let children’s curiosity be the only luggage to take for the adventure!

July 9th - July 13th  Art Camp

"All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." 
Pablo Picasso

During the third week of camp, we would like to awaken children's interest in art and encourage them to use their creative abilities. Together as a group, we will be learning about Claude Monet and his work, as well as painting in the style of Monet using loose brushstrokes and reflected colors to paint the visual impression on paper. We also will be exploring the style of the Japanese "dot" artist, Yayoi Kusama. Children will learn to use different vibrant colors with an emphasis on repetition and patterns, just like in the original work from the artist. In addition to that, children will be also given a variety of textured materials in order to make individual creations without rules and instructions from the teachers. 


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