Fairytale - Week 1 in our Summer Camp

A Fairytale Week


We chose the “Fairytales” theme for the first week of our summer camp with a certain purpose: a fairytale is like a separate universe for children because they can learn a lot from it.  We read and discussed a new fairytale every day.  We covered a lot of well-known fairy tales and I’ve realized that a lot of children were not familiar with most of them.  During the week I tried to work with the children to develop their speaking abilities and attention.  All children loved discussing fairly tales after reading them and have Q&A sessions.  For example, after reading “Tsikotuha fly”, one the questions I asked them was “What did the fly find?”  I gave the children three possible answers to chose from and showed them pictures of a piece of candy, a coin, and a berry.  After reading “Under the mushroom” I asked the children who were hiding under the mushroom first: an ant, a fly, and a sparrow.  Every fairytale gave me a few ideas for indoor and outdoor activities.  We spent two days going over “Tsikotuha fly” fairy tale.  On the first day, we baked cookies, made paper insects and walked mulch-colored paths to visit the Fly's house.  We had a tea party on the second day.  The children learned about traditional Russian samovar, parts of a tea set and tea while getting ready for the party.  

  The next day was dedicated to the fairy tale “Under the mushroom”.  The children made mushrooms out of clay after reading the book.  This helped them develop fine motor skills. After we’ve read “Cinderella” we created our own ball, cut out a castle from paper and culled through beans as Cinderella did in the fairy tale.  The fairy tale “The little mermaid” introduced the children to the inhabitants of the ocean.  We created our own fishing trip where children announced what they caught.  

The week culminated when we had water activities outside and simply enjoyed playing with water and getting wet!

Elena Shargorodsky