Nature Camp - Week 3

During our third week of camp, we focused our study on nature in partial the theme of the week was water. We splashed, experimented, imagined and had fun! We discovered that pine cones close their scales when soaked in water. That was magical! Throughout the week water continued to fascinate children. When they built a water supply system on the playground, using a variety of pipes. It worked perfectly to fill many watering cans. They also learned that water is absorbed by plant roots, from the experiment with colorful celery. Kids added food coloring to the water and put celery in the cups with coloring. While the experiment calls to wait for a few days, children already assumed that the celery will change the color. Children turned the sandbox into a mud pool. They had a great time pumping water and building rivers and dams in the mud. The last day those dams were put to test by heavy rain and splashing of the rain boots. It held well, so as children's curiosity about such an ordinary miracle as water. We thank our families and teachers for an incredibly fun week and wish everyone a great summer!