Teacher's Diary

This month's entry is written by the Kindergarden teacher Milana. 

Reading is an every day part of our kindergarten class activity.

Generally, each week I choose one book and a related complementary story or a poem for the class to focus on for that week.

For the week described here, I picked a well -loved and a very engaging children’s book  called ”Caps for Sale”. You may know the story. A peddler of caps takes a lunch break with a nap under a tree on a hill outside of town, his caps stacked neatly by color, one on top of the other to his side.

When it came to the part where the peddler wakes, looks up, and gets upset because monkeys in the tree took his caps and won’t give them back, the children laughed hysterically.

And the more upset the peddler became, and the more the monkeys mimicked the peddler, the harder the children laughed and the more fun we had.

The children got so excited by reading this book that we decided to act out the story . Since every body wanted to be a monkey (who doesn’t want to be a monkey?),I played the part of the peddler.

The children really enjoyed playing the monkeys mimicking the frustrated peddler. They did their “monkey see, monkey do” performance with great enthusiasm.

There was no surprise the next day that every body wanted to do it again . So we  did !

At that time, one of the teachers stopped by our classroom. This gave us the perfect opportunity to actually perform the story in front of an audience. And so we did! This unplanned performance gave a completely new dimension to our routine class activity .